What is difference between excess heat and deficient heat?

What is difference between excess heat and deficient heat?

This is a common question whenever layman came across with these jargon, they are both heat but what is the difference? Both of them make you feels warm, both of them do represent there is something wrong in the body, but what is the difference between them?
First of all former is of course too much heat in the body, the energy is hyperactive; latter means heat that causes by lack of cooling factors, the energy is underactive.

What is excess heat?
Imagine human body as a car engine, we need coolant to keep our body temperature right at the optimum, like we warm up the engine before we drive so that it is at the optimum operating temperature.
Now when car engine is put in a high stress for a prolonged period of time, coolant eventually loses its ability to maintain stable temperature and hence overheat. This description illustrate human has got excess heat in the body and couldn’t be dissipate, heat came from various factors, too much spicy food, excess exposure to sunlight or heat source, infection, misuse of Chinese herbal prescription and etc.

Is excess heat bad?
Not necessary, not all excessive heat is a bad thing, sometime we need some extra heat to help us fight off pathogen and prevent sickness, sounds a little bit like infection red, swollen and pain which the body defense system is doing its job to kill all foreign substance. It also means that your immune system is functioning.

What is deficient heat?
With the same illustration, when car engine is running out of coolant, it would not able to dissipate heat at all because of lack of cooling agent, overheated engine started to lose all its power and lastly breakdown. Let’s put this back to human-being and see what it could do to human body, human body needs coolant as well, the natural cooling function of human, the fluid inside of human body keep everything in an optimum condition. Factors that contribute to deficient heat are burning midnight oil, chronic sickness, too much spicy food, misuse of Chinese herbal prescription, ageing, menopausal syndrome, excessive sexual intercourse and etc.

Is deficient heat bad?
Yes we will say, because this means Yin is underactive and insufficient, it couldn’t do its job properly. Normally causes by bad habit of human-being. It is under the borderline of normal rather than over the normal.

How this happen?
There is equilibrium between Yin and Yang, whenever there is imbalance between them we human get sick. Healthy adult has got a balance between Yin and Yang, if Yin remains at the same level and Yang become excess then it became excess heat.
Whereas for deficient heat, Yang will remains at the same level and Yin become lesser, in this case the heat seems like excess but it is not, this is because lacking of cooling ability of yin-yang to subdue each other.

What can be done?
In terms of excess heat, common method is to remove the excessive heat from body to achieve the cooling effects. Of course we highly recommend you to consult your physician before you get any prescription.

As for deficient heat due to lack of one crucial elements in the equilibrium, it has to be replenish to the normal state, so by topping up the cooling element it balance out equilibrium.
Always remember, when a deficient exist it should be toned up, when an excess exist it should be reduce, when too much heat present it should be cooled, when too much cold present it should be warmed.

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